About Us

Welcome to Big Minuto, your trusted and passionate source for everything coffee-related.

Our Story
Big Minuto was born out of a burning passion for coffee. Not just for the comforting taste of a well-brewed cup, but for the rich tapestry of stories, traditions, and innovations that surround this magnificent bean. From the mountainous contours where the beans are grown to the last drop in your cup, every moment in the world of coffee is a story waiting to be told.

Our Mission
Our aim is to bring you, dear reader, an immersive experience that goes beyond tasting. We want you to feel the journey of coffee, get to know the people behind your favorite cup, and discover the countless nuances that make each coffee unique. In short, we want Big Minuto to be your launching pad into the vast and vibrant world of coffee.

What We Cover
Apart from intriguing facts and historical tales about coffee, we delve into:

  • Origin Profiles: Insights about different coffee-producing regions and their unique characteristics.
  • Brewing Methods: From traditional drip coffee to modern extraction techniques.
  • Coffee People: Stories of farmers, baristas, and everyone in between who make up this incredible chain.
  • Trends and Innovations: Stay updated with the latest in the coffee world, from new blends to emerging technologies.

Why Big Minuto?
The name “Big Minuto” reflects our belief that, in just one minute, you can have a transformative coffee experience. Whether it’s a minute savoring, a minute learning, or a minute sharing, each moment holds significance.

Connect With Us
We love connecting with fellow coffee enthusiasts! If you have a story to tell, a tip to share, or simply want to say “hello,” feel free to reach out to us at contact@bigminuto.com.